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First time dog family

Can’t say enough about the amazing experience we had with Joe in making Mardi a perfect addition to our family. Our new pup is in perfect health and simply fantastic!

Bruce 2 years old

Our little man has been with us for 2 years now and we live him so much!! He is such a great dog, healthy and has an awesome coat! Ways only about 24-25 pounds but he is a grazer when eating! Lol wouldn’t change him for the world! Definitely want to get a sibling for him, we would adopt again!!

We are absolutely IN LOVE with our new Baby from Ohio Corgis!

I contacted Joe at Ohio Corgis and less than 2 weeks later, we were on our way back home with our adorable little Baby Boy – he is PERFECT!c

In Love.

I cannot tell how smart ,adorable and how much love this puppy has brought to us already. Thank you Joe! We love our Winston.

Gracie is the best dog ever.

She is a social butterfly with people and animals. Potty trained to use doggie door in only 1 week. She has the best personality you can get in a dog. She keeps us well entertained and is very much a family member to our household.

Piper or newest Corgi

We reached out to Ohio Corgi’s a couple of months ago in search of our newest family member ( Piper) Little did we know we would be meeting Anna, who is such an amazing person for adopt from. The care she provides her puppies and their perspective adopting families is second to none. And this is not our first time adopting a Corgi, so have experience with this. Well done Anna and if and when we are ready for another family member, we will be back. The facilities are clean, no odor, no messes, Anna greeted us as we were coming up the drive, with our baby in hand. She was totally organized and had all the answers to our questions. We had Piper vet checked within 3 days’ and all is as it should be with her, healthy , happy and a bundle of joy. Thank you Anna!

Rose this is our second corgi we bought from Ohio Corgis.

I named her Rose. She loves everyone Is so happy The best thing was buying her during pandemic. She has got me up and out. She is the brightness of the day finding myself laughing At her. She was House trained when she came and does obedience. And the owner is so helpful with delivery. I am so happy with Ohio corgis and would recommend buying your corgi here.

Our Christmas Puppy!!

We are so very happy with our Corgi Pup from this breeder.. she is very sweet and has become a very special part of our family. Santa brought her for our son and he said it was his best Christmas gift EVER!!


We love our new baby corgi Oliver! He is such a good boy sleeps all night in his crate. Oliver loves meeting new people. He could play for hours! He is now 11 weeks old and can do almost all of his tricks! We are so thankful for Ohio Corgis! They answered all of our questions and helped us along the way! Thank you!

We are so grateful to

We are so grateful to Anna for our new corgi. She is happy, healthy, and already part of the family. Anna was wonderful with sending weekly video and picture up dates of our new fur baby. We looked forward to them. She was also very flexible in allowing us to come visit our baby and pick up at the last minute in the evening. We appreciated this so much. Life with our new corgi is so much fun.

Our Little Angel

We picked up our sweet girl, (Basil), a few weeks ago, and she couldn’t be more perfect. She is so smart, and is already housebroken at 10 weeks old, which is incredible. Everyone loves her, she is so good with children, and loves meeting new people – an incredibly social little girl! We couldn’t be happier with the experience of picking her up or with her, so thankful we got her!

Love my Corgi Bruno

Just got Bruno home today, 8wks old. I just want to say Ohio Corgi’s was great to work with from start to finish! Bravo and Thank you!

New Puppy Family Member.

My husband and I have wanted a Corgi for several years. Using the website and working with Joe was so easy and made it a lot less stressful in the process of getting our new puppy. Joe is quick to answer any questions. Our puppy has quickly become a part of the family and loves playing with our older yellow lab.

My new little princess.

My family and I purchased our corgi, we named Ruby, last week. So far she has been awesome and has given us a lot of laughs. She is quite popular with everyone that has come to see her and our family, including our 6 yr old male German Sheperd. She is extremely playful and a great addition to our house. We are so glad to have her in our family:))

Light of my life.

Driving from Pittsburgh to Baltic with a storm threatening was totally worth it to bring Winston home for Christmas. He has made me laugh (and walk) every day and is in perfect health. FaceTime meeting him was a plus… and love at first sight!

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